Which wood saw is better? Tape or disk? The pros and cons of both? How to choose?

What can I say from my bell tower?

See the comparison track saw vs table saw to make the right choice for yourself and your comfort.

I myself am fond of making furniture (so far from laminated chipboard at an average level, it can be described as semi-professional ). Although I am already taking the first steps in carpentry.

I think if we compare these two categories of saws, then at the level of desktop machines.

1. Circular machines. They have a lower price, both of the machine itself and of expenditures. Price starts from 3000-4000 More performance. In this case, they are only suitable for straight cuts, as a rule, longitudinal. But the use of carriages and various conductors can significantly expand this functionality (angular, transverse, etc.). In addition, a significant limitation is the cutting depth, which rarely exceeds 80 mm, and often even less. Personally, I use a Ryobi circular in my work.

That is, I would advise you to start with the purchase of a circular, as it is more necessary.

2. Bandsawing machines. They cost, as a rule, much more expensive (if you look at more or less decent models, and not the initial class). Their performance is lower. Although the cut is cleaner and thinner. It is possible to make precise curved cuts, including an inclined work table, that is, at an angle. The depth of the workpiece is greater. As a rule, not less than 100 mm, and can reach 300 mm.

Personally, as a hobbyist, I think about purchasing a ribbon, but the first thing that stops me from this step is the greater need to purchase a jointer (and the normal one starts from 30,000), and the fact that with the existing tool (circular, trimming, milling cutter and jigsaw) I I quite cope with the tasks assigned for it, for example, making such details for the future crib of my daughters.


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