The basket of inspirations: covering the bathroom with the Tadelakt

Happy Monday dear friends. I thank you for the many comments you leave with my posts: most of them are no longer connected to your emails, so it becomes difficult to answer directly as I have always done. Today for the column The basket of inspirations I would like to continue the speech I introduced […]

Shabby chic on friday: the bathroom and his majesty the tub

Good Friday! Today in the Shabby chic on Friday column we talk about the bathroom. Maybe it’s the most difficult room to transform, as our bathrooms are mostly covered with relatively recent tiles, maybe chic, but certainly not shabby! In fact, wanting to respect the rules imposed by this style, even the wall, and floor […]

Ideas for furnishing the bathroom

Sometimes I can go through my blog: I miss a lot at certain times but in this period I don’t have much time to dedicate to him. One of the reasons is certainly the work: finally, I’m about to finish the renovation of the apartment I told you about. The bathroom that most involved me […]

Perfect wardrobe, the golden rules

A well-organized wardrobe allows us to properly store our clothes, shoes, and accessories. Moreover, it helps us to buy time and choose the right outfit. There is nothing worse than a messy closet, wrinkled and randomly shuffled clothes. If it also happens to you to frantically search for an unobtainable garment and to dress up […]

New bathroom furniture collections by EX-T

The new bathroom furniture collections of EX-T, an award-winning Italian brand on the market since 1945, are an epitome of class and elegance. In a nutshell: they are beautiful. After seeing them with my own eyes in the new showroom in Via Tortona 34, I couldn’t wait to share them with you. Are you ready […]


The Happy House is a beautiful house {I see it with the eyes of love!} But it has only one flaw: it is not self-cleaning! When I publish photos, the question I get most often is ” how do you get a house so neat and clean with two small children?” “. Here, I tell […]


Recycle, fight against waste, zero waste. In recent times, how much have you heard about these issues? Everyone in his own small way contributes as can, with small daily devices, gestures that can somehow help and make us more aware *. One thing I gave up was disposable make-up discs. I use a microfibre cloth […]


Start this post doing outing: I love trays, I have a disproportionate amount and I have a full drawer {in addition to those scattered around the house}. I use them every day and when I happen to share this passion on Instagram, I am often asked: “what do you use them for?” Simply, for everything! […]


Today I want to talk to you again about Brabantia. I must admit that I discovered myself as a true fan of this brand, the only one to have made aesthetically appealing those accessories and objects so far conceived to be only functional, but in reality, they are a constant presence in our homes. In […]


What’s better than some Scandinavian-style home shopping? Scandinavian style home shopping LOW COST! As I mentioned in the post dedicated to the 10 best shops in Copenhagen, Søstrene Grene is the perfect place for this type of activity… With today’s post, I want to show you what I bought during my numerous raids 😉 I […]