Choose the sanitaryware

Until a few decades ago the choice of sanitary ware was not an important phase of the furnishing project.
He delegated it to the plumber, who installed his favorite model without the landlords having anything to say. They were generally a pair of floor plumbing fixtures, with exposed pipes and curves (unsightly and difficult to clean); we know them well because they are still very much present in our bathrooms. Wall-hung toilets also can be your choose for

Today, on the contrary, the toilet and bidet pair is selected after careful consideration of shapes, sizes, colours, finishes, consistency with the design of the rest of the room. The variety of models available on the market today often puts us in crisis, but in this post we will focus on one of the very first things to evaluate: better to choose sanitary fixtures suspended or on the floor?

New construction vs. renovation

If you can intervene on the implants, perhaps because they are still to be imprinted, you are free to choose your preferred sanitary ware, because the technicians will make the necessary arrangements following the technical data sheet of the chosen model. No constraints then.

If, on the other hand, we are working on a more dated bathroom, it is not always possible to replace a pair of classic sanitary fixtures (and by “classic” I mean on the floor with exposed pipes, with drain moved to the floor about 20 cm from the wall) with a suspended one, unless we also work on tiles and masonry.

In this second circumstance a compromise could be reached, in case you cannot or want to work on the floor to move the drain closer to the wall: remove the old pair of sanitary fixtures and choose one with a more modern design, on the floor, but it will be installed a little further away from the wall; it is not the best but it is as I said a compromise to avoid having to buy a pair of sanitary fixtures with exposed pipes again. If you want, you can also install a toilet with an integrated external box, whose size would compensate for those cm of distance from the wall.

The green light to the new sanitary design if we can renovate or furnish a new bathroom!


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